Tom Carroll Paddle Surf

A continuous expression of pure surfing enthusiasm and Stand Up Paddle engagement. 

This site is here to help tell a design story originating from over four and a half decades of focused ocean/surfing experience via the feeling  of craft from all shapes, sizes and builds that I've had under my feet.

Stand Up Paddle surfing at any level requires a wide range of skill sets to come into play amongst other variables. Understanding and translating this is essential to designing boards with the aim of providing you with a simple uninterrupted glide. 


The GSI Story

Global Surf Industries (GSI) operates from its world headquarters in Manly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. The wholly-owned distribution operations in Australia and the USA are supported by a large network of distribution specialists in various other countries.

GSI was founded in June 2002. After decades of cottage industry-style operations, the time for a better way of supplying surfboards to the international surfing market had well and truly arrived. Today GSI has a portfolio of some of the most well known brands in the Surf and Stand Up Paddle Industry. We remain very deliberate and strategic in our brand and model selection. Each brand caters for a particular type of surfer with a specific level of surfing ability. We also invest a lot of time and effort into new technologies to help get the best performance from every experience. So whether you are a first-day novice, a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced or elite-level surfer or paddler GSI has the brand and model that is right for you. .